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As disease affects the brain, it alters the body’s basic functions, including speech, vision, movement and digestion, thoughts and mood. No one knows this more intimately than the millions of people affected by neurological disorders.

Neurosciences researchers and caregivers at UW Medicine’s Neurosciences Institute are unlocking the mysteries of the brain, the most complex organ in the human body, and finding faster, better treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, neuromuscular disorders, neuro-oncology, traumatic brain injury and more.


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Improved care for brain cancer, TBI and other conditions.
Research that deepens our understanding of neurological disorders.
Training for brain specialists.


The UW Medicine Neurosciences Institute

We are driven to provide the best care for neurological disorders — as well as to discover treatments and educate future generations of scientists and doctors.



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Enhancing Memory and Brain Wellness

In addition to conducting research, the Memory and Brain Wellness Center helps patients, families and caregivers address issues related to memory and cognition.


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Jim Boyle

Senior Director for Philanthropy


Training for TBI

At UW Medicine, we train doctors to specialize in traumatic brain injury (TBI) so that they can help athletes, military personnel and others who have suffered head injuries.


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Alvord Brain Tumor Center

We provide expert, personalized treatments — made by multidisciplinary teams of doctors — for patients who want the best in brain tumor care.


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Colin Dierckins

Associate Director for Philanthropy



UW Medicine and our supporters share the optimism and conviction that we can take medicine down smarter, faster paths.

Leadership: Brain Wellness Center Campaign Council

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